What is the Connect Conference?

CONNECT is a life-changing week of intense interaction with God and each other, as leaders from across Europe gather to learn and grow. CONNECT is 30 July – 6 August. The goal of Connect is to encourage and equip those involved in student ministry, from the committed student volunteer to long-term workers, so that we can be empowered to share the message of the gospel more effectively within the European university environment and our own unique local contexts. The week will include worship and prayer, seminars, workshops, evening meetings, sports and games, and time to build relationships in small groups.


Connect 2016 Seminars

Secularism: the worldview of Europe's students

Secularism: the worldview of Europe’s students (Instructors: Shawn & Deborah Galyen)

What does it mean to have a secular worldview? The majority of young people in Europe do not build their lives around a particular, defined, traditional religion.  As we seek deeper understanding of the way today’s students think about life, spirituality, and themselves, we will shape our ministries in new ways and become more effective communicators of the good news.

The God of Salvation: The Old Testament, the Story of Israel and the Plan of God for His Creation

The God of Salvation: The Old Testament, the Story of Israel and the Plan of God for His Creation (Instructor: Jason McClaflin)

In this seminar, we will look at the threads that run through the Old Testament that illustrate God’s purposes for restoring his creation. This will require an investigation into the story of Israel and how its history, institutions and society give significance to the NT message and for us as Believers today. How did Israel understand its mission and purpose? What was the role of the prophets? How is all of it relevant to us today? All these questions and more will be explored as we look at the God of Salvation as revealed in the Old Testament.  [suggested reading beforehand: Genesis 1-15 (several times) and as much of the Old Testament as possible]

Reaching Today's Student

Reaching Today’s Student (Moderator: Steve Cuttino with various instructors)

The purpose of this class is to present the primary method of Christ in order to change our university campuses. The goal of this course is how to apply the biblical principles of discipleship, which Jesus modeled with His disciples, to your own individual contexts and campuses. 

You will have the opportunity to receive input from various individuals who are currently applying these principles in their respective university campus contexts while you learn how to apply them to your specific campus setting.

The Inner Life

The Inner Life (Instructors: Chuck & Sally Haavik)

“I will bring them to My holy mountain and make them joyful in My house of prayer.” (Isa. 56:7) For those who pray, Jesus promises an epic journey to His Father’s heart. We will spend seven days at Connect growing deeper together in the secret life, as companions of Jesus and He as our Guide! We will learn to deepen our prayer lives through the use of Scripture, and will seek a deeper encounter with Christ in prayer through the Holy Spirit who is our Great Helper in prayer. We will each commit to spending an hour a day in prayer, allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us deeper into the love of Christ.  Come and join us!

Where is Connect? / Pracht, Germany

Bibel und Erholungsheim Hohegrete
Hohegrete 11
Pracht, Germany, 57589

Connect 2016 Registration Prices /

Students Pricing


Full-time students can attend Connect for only 219€. After July 10, the price is 244€.

Non-Student Pricing


For all SFC Guests, SFC personnel and leaders of SFC groups in Europe.

Children or Youth Worker


For all children workers & youth workers attending & serving at Connect.

Children (birth-17)


Children 11-17 pay 199€.
Children 3-10 pay 175€.
Children under 3 are free.


Do you have questions about how to get to Connect, what to bring, or anything else? Click here to download the FAQ.

What are the payment options & details?

There are two payment options available: Paypal or bank transfer. We prefer you use a bank transfer as that has lower costs associated with processing the payment. However, we offer Paypal as an option if this works best for you.

Registration Prices for Connect increase on July 11, 2016 by 25 EUR. Registration closes on July 20, 2016.

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